Friday, June 1, 2012

Feelings vs Truth

Last night my son and I had a little conversation about feelings. He was struggling with some thoughts that he was classifying as feelings, but we both knew that his feelings were just imaginations. We talked about feelings vs the truth. Just because we feel something, doesn't mean that it's true, but then again, even if we know the truth it can be hard to ignore our feelings. I told him the best thing to do, is to focus on what we know to be true and acknowledge the other as false - a lie.

Oh how I needed that pep-talk today!

Let me back up a bit for you. I didn't blog on Wednesday, and I'm just now pulling together today's post that is normally up by 7am. My husband is sick, my mom is here visiting, I can't seem to get caught up with work, I received a list of typos from a reviewer for the book I published last week, and my kids act as if I never spend any time with them. I feel like a failure. And that's exactly how Satan likes it and I know it! God on the other hand, would rather I focus on the truth - His truth:

  • He is accomplishing His good work through me, that He designated in advance for me to do. 
  • He has the power to heal my husband, and will provide for us in the meantime.
  • He blessed me richly by bringing my mom to spend time with me and giving us quality time to spend together.
  • He is doing amazing things through my book that was published last week - it is bringing Him glory despite the typos!
  • He is the perfect heavenly Father of my children and will provide for all of their needs, including their need of me.
All of my false feelings of failure can be countered by God's never changing truth - and I'm certain that yours can too. Will you trust your feelings or your God?

But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD.
~Joshua  24:15b

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  1. Love this! I tend to rely more on my feelings although I know them to easily manipulated.