Friday, September 10, 2010

Bad haircut(s)

Yesterday I mentioned in my thankful Thursday post that I was going to get my hair cut. Well, I did...twice, and I'm going back again tomorrow. I always get my hair cut someplace cheap. I just can't fathom spending a ton of money on a haircut when we live on a budget, so I usually go to Great Clips. They usually do a good job, and they have a guarantee so if you aren't happy, you can go back and they will fix it for free. Now I must admit I'm not a complainer. Before this haircut I have only went back once before. However, this has been an experience!

I use to go to the salon by my husbands work, but he changed jobs this year. That combined with the fact that I had to get a sitter for the kids led me to go to the salon closest to our home, that I had never been to before. The lady cutting my hair (Betsy) was super nice. She mentioned that we should have taken before and after pictures, beings we were cutting so much off. I had thought of this, and forgotten. This would have been great, then I could have posted pictures from before, after the first, and after the second... :(

Back to Betsy's haircut. Betsy has AMAZING talent! She gave me the best haircut I ever had! However, it wasn't the haircut I wanted... I wanted it short, really, really short. I showed her a picture in a book of what I wanted, but she couldn't picture it on me. So I got something very similar, but not what I wanted. I knew it wasn't what I wanted and normally I would have just asked her to take off another 1 1/2 or so (I wanted it short and I went in with hair past my shoulders), but she had made a comment that I didn't know how to react to. She was talking about her boyfriend making a comment about the fact that she "just cut's hair" and that she hoped he never said anything like that to the person cutting his hair. She went on to say that it's never a good idea to make the person cutting your hair mad, because you don't know what you will walk out the door with... So I didn't want to upset her. Looking back, she was an incredibly sweet woman, and I'm sure it was a silly thing for me to be worried about. I should have prayed, given it to God and given her a chance. Instead, I left with a haircut that I wasn't happy with, planning to see what my husband said, and go back later to have it shortened.

My husband said that it was my opinion that mattered, and he knew it wasn't what I wanted. So I went back. According to their website they were open until 9pm, so I was able to go after he got off of work. Well, I walked in the door and the guy sitting there said they were closed... I politely told him no they weren't, their website said they were open until 9. He walked me to the front door and showed me the sign that said they were temporarily closing at 7pm, and it was now 7:20, he also explained that there was another Great Clips just down the road that really was open until 9, and I could go there if I needed to. So I had to ask if they would take my voucher to get my haircut fixed. He said they would, then started probing me. He was the store manager and wanted to know more about my experience in his store... I felt kind of silly explaining it to him, and I assured him that Betsy had an amazing gift for cutting hair, I just wasn't sure how to react to her comment. He assured me that she would have reacted well, but she shouldn't have made that comment with someone in her chair. He told me that she worked again the next day if I wanted her to fix it. Well, my husband worked the next day, so that wasn't possible. Off I went down the road to the next Great Clips.

They were busy! There were 4 people in line ahead of me, but since mine was a re-cut I got moved ahead (that kind of made me feel bad). The lady cutting my hair there asked me tons of questions. She wanted to make sure she got it just the way I wanted it! I loved that! I walked out extremely happy! Then I woke up this morning... One of my dear friends asked me to post a picture of my haircut on Facebook for her to see, that combined with wanting to have something to show the people at the salon next time I went led me to photograph my haircut. It is probably the shabbiest haircut I have ever had! The front looks GREAT(Photo at top of post)! But the back... see for yourself:

I took pictures in two different rooms, so it's not just the lighting. Some are self portraits in the mirror, the others were taken with my sons help... So tomorrow I'm hoping to go back again, and have Betsy fix my haircut.

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