Monday, November 26, 2012

Book Review: Christmas Uncut

I recently had the opportunity to review "Christmas Uncut: What Really Happened and Why It Really Matters..." by Carl Laferton, and I have to say, this was unlike any book I've ever read before.

Starting each chapter with a scene from a children's Christmas play and fun little drawing, this book was written for adults. It looks like it would be cute for kids, but there are certain parts that parents might want to use caution about.

After the cute little rendition of Christmas plays gone bad, the author covers what really happened during that first Christmas season. After he retells the story he gives the reader the verse reference so that they can look it up for themselves if they wish before plunging into the "Why it really matters" section.

I think my absolute favorite part of the book was the closing remarks. Mr. Laferton covered what to do with the information he presented, whether it was all made up, how we could know that Jesus was the Christ, and  the truth of the Resurrection.

All in all, this was a neat little book. You can get yourself a copy on
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