Thursday, January 24, 2013

Unexpected Love - Book Review

Unexpected Love by Julie Zine Coleman is a unique book. Ms. Coleman starts each chapter with a conversation from Scripture where Jesus was talking to a woman, and then she re-tells the story in her own words. After that, she takes readers deeper. The middle portion of each chapter is something that you might expect to read if you were a seminary student studying biblical history - jam-packed with facts, but not much spiritual food. She remedies the lack of spiritual nourishment in the end of the chapter with sections titled: For Today's Woman, Food For Thought, and Journaling.

My favorite chapter in this book was the last one. While I don't relate all that well to Mary Magdalene, I did relate to the "For Today's Woman" section of the chapter  - that tended to be my favorite section consistently throughout the book - though I enjoyed the journaling sections as well.

Overall, I wouldn't count this as a must read book, but I did get a little bit out of it. The introduction was amazing and I wish the rest of the book was up to par with it - that would have made this book a must have for every Christian woman.

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* I received this book free in exchange for an honest review.

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