Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day

For me all holiday's are usually hit and miss. Example? On my birthday this year my entire family was sick - thus my children think I'm still a year younger than I really am. We've actually had mock arguments about whether or not I had a birthday this year. I really did - it just passed with no notice.  It's a trend in my life. Once when I was still in elementary school I had a sleep over on my birthday and my sister somehow convinced all of my friends to go sleep in her room - and I wasn't invited. Another year she did makeover's for all of my friends during my Superbowl party - knowing full well that I was allergic to make-up.

So I've come to expect little from holidays. Mother's Day is no different. It started out with me over-sleeping. We had planned to go to church with my in-laws, but their service starts 20 minutes before ours and I can't stand walking in late - which we always do anyway. So at 10:37  when we were finally all ready to go (7 minutes after the service started), I declared that it was too late to go to their church and we detoured to ours. I felt guilty all the way through service about making that selfish decision. 

After church was over we stopped by the store to pick up my Mother-in-law's flowers and cake. While we were there we ran into one of the ladies from my in-laws church. She asked us how my Father-in-law was doing. Mr. Amazing said we were on our way to their house, but when we talked to them earlier in the week they were doing well. So she suggested that we detour to the hospital. He had fallen down the steps at the church that morning after Sunday school and had to go to the ER. Thankfully, other than the concussion, and gash on his head, he is doing well and they were just leaving when we got there. However, he wasn't allowed to eat for 24 hours, so the cake that we bought went un-touched. We had also hoped to take them out to eat, and well... that didn't happen either. All-in-all, I think it would be fair to say that my Mother's Day was 100 times better than my Mother-in-law's. 

We ended up going out to eat without the in-laws. I would have loved to have them there, but we still had a pretty good time. Despite the fact that the restaurant burnt my chicken.

The best part of my day? After we ate Mr. Amazing and the kids took me to the bookstore. They know how nerdy I am :) I got 4 books and a membership card to Books-A-Million - he spoils me. I can't say that it was a great day, but I got new books so it wasn't all bad :)

It's very possible that you might see a post on bookstores vs. shopping online from me sometime soon - but I haven't decided where to post that yet...

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