Monday, July 29, 2013

Our Veggie Tales Summer Family Movie Night

The newest movie from Veggie Tales made for a great summer family movie night earlier this month. We were sent a free review copy and my kids cheered when it arrived. I think my favorite memory was when our youngest daughter yelled, "FUNNY!" right in my husbands ear near the end of the movie. We were already laughing but that just made it seem even funnier - though I don't remember exactly what had us laughing in the first place. The whole film was chocked full of classic Veggie Tales humor. 

As always, we loved the silly song with Scottish Larry and watched the sing-a-long version repeatedly after the film was over - at least before the kids re-started the movie to watch it all over again - Though, we don't wear kilts here in America... Oh well, my bonnie lies over the ocean.

While the kids laughed and giggled at Bob and Larry and all of their friends, I think the moral of this story was more for the parents. The lesson? To accept your kids for who God made them. But that's not all you'll take away from this movie...

MacLarry and the Stinky Cheese Battle tells the tale of two rival cities who prank eachother. Starting out as a friendship gone bad, there's a sub message about kindness and friendship - I think it's a great way to introduce (or rehash) the topic of bullying to your kids. This has been a hot topic in our home as our younger son has been the victim of bullying and our older son can be a bit of a bully - but he thinks he's just having fun. This movie opens the door to talking about how 'having a little fun' can go wrong and quickly escalate into something more.

The only thing I found wrong with this movie was that the lesson they were trying to teach - That your talents - though different - are special and needed. It was more of the Veggie Tales version of How To Train A Dragon... only with Romans instead of Dragons. MacLarry never really appeared to struggle with his love of inventing - only the fact that his father couldn't accept him for who he was. 

I guess my kids would say another downside worth noting is that the only bonus features on the DVD are the two sing-a-long songs. They always enjoy the games, story books, etc. and this one doesn't have that. It does have printable activities available on the website though, but nothing interactive. But the film itself is AWESOME as always.

You can learn more about this fun film at: it's official release day is tomorrow, though it is already available for pre-order on

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