Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Operation Shape Up - Day #1

You know those silly fantasies you have? You know, like thinking your life would be better if only...? If only you had more undisturbed work time. If only you were in a better financial situation. If only____________... you get the picture. I've had a lot of 'if only's in my life. I've also had a lot of times that I looked forward to something that was going to happen, because it had become an 'if only' in a matter of speaking. Such as, after I move, I'll read my Bible everyday, have a clean house, and be caught up for work. It sounds unreasonable now - now that I'm there and realize there are even fewer hours in the day than before. Between shuttling the kids to and from school, unpacking boxes, and everything else that I need to do each day it feels like I will never get caught up.

Commence Operation Shape Up 

I've decided to start getting life under control now. Not when the next big things happen, but just starting where I am - right now.

There are several things that I'm wanting to work on, but here's a few:

  • Reading My Bible Daily - I've actually been doing really well at reading the "Jesus Calling" devotional book every day this year, but not so good about actual Bible reading.
  • Eating Healthy - Okay, I'm not a health nut and never will be, but I do know that eating smart is good for you in more ways than one. I need to focus to accomplish the work I need to do each day, and eating smart and drinking water instead of soda is just one small step to being more alert and having more energy.
  • Exercising Daily - I sit at my desk all day everyday. There's not much activity involved in that. I get up to walk to the car to take the kids to school or fix supper, but regular exercise isn't part of my routine - but it needs to be. It's part of that energy thing I mentioned - not to mention that we just had to spend a bundle of money on new clothes for me because I out grew my old ones. *hides face in shame*
  • Prioritizing Projects - My priorities have been a bit mixed up. Work wise, I keep taking on new clients before finishing up bigger projects that are over due - that has to stop. I've begun turning away clients until I'm all caught up - not easy by the way. I've also noticed that because I'm so far behind on work projects, that my family is suffering. I've tried set work hours in the past, and that just doesn't work for me. But I do need to prioritize my family over my job.
  • Expanding My Horizons - I've been a bit stuck in my own little work these past few months. I've let friendships fall by the weigh-side. I've found my comfort zone (that's not overly comfortable) and determined to stay right where I am - I think this was a subconscious decision, but I'm consciously deciding to change it. 
So, those are the 5 steps involved in Operation Shape Up. I'm bound and determined to shape up my life. Today is off to an okay start. I got up and made my family breakfast and fixed Mr. Amazing's lunch. I even ate breakfast myself - highly unusual for me. And I'm even drinking water - anyone who knows me personally can tell you what a feat that is all on it's own. I worked out on my new elliptical machine... Okay, that part didn't go very well. After 5 minutes of running my chest was burning and I couldn't breath. I had intended to listen to an audio book (expanding my horizons with my new Kindle), while I ran, but it took the whole 5 minutes to download. In the past - 6 years ago past - I have found that if I have something to watch or listen to while running, it takes my mind off of the workout and allows me to get more done.

Now, off to read my Bible and take some vitamins :)

*Updated to add:

Those vitamins were NASTY! We got them at the Vitamin Cottage before we moved from Denver. They're called "Wellness Formula" - I bought them for Mr. Amazing, though I don't remember why...They have a ton of good stuff in them - like garlic, elderberry fruit extract, ginger root, and vitamin C.

I'm suffering from a Kidney infection, so I took the 3 horse pills that it said would correct any bodily imbalance (it recommends taking this dose every three hours until your better... I don't think so). I'll stick to the normal 1 tablet daily from here on out. I had to break my water only kick to wash them down with some lemonade.

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  1. Operation shape up sounds intense! How's it working out for you? :)