Monday, February 25, 2013

Shape-Up Update

It's crazy how fast life flies by - and even more-so how quickly it changes. I'm still working on operation shape-up, but it's taken some turns that I hadn't expected. So here's just a few of the things that have been going on:

I've been working with for years now. It's a ministry for teen girls - my main job is writing and editing devotionals for teen girls. It's a great ministry and I love doing it. They published the first book that I ever contributed to, and Shelley is just wonderful. I knew God wanted me to put aside some of the things I was doing to make more time for ministry, so I had begun doing more volunteer work for Christian authors... this was my solution - not God's. Sure, I believe it still has a part in what I will do, but it wasn't what He was calling me to do. He's asked me to give up being an author's assistant and start writing full time. I argued with Him a bit about this. Being an author's assistant is what my whole life revolved around. Asking me to cut that out felt like God was asking me not breathe - I've since come to realize that that is exactly why He asked me to do it. I was too caught up in helping other authors, and left no time to serve Him. Besides the fact that I just bought my first website and was setting it up as a place to set up my author services, God has given me an amazing peace about this. Yes - things will have to change. I have to let my clients know they need to find someone else to work with, I'm struggling with honoring commitments and obeying God's call immediately.

Besides giving up my identity, God has also called me to start a brother ministry to I get e-mails all of the time from people looking for devotionals for teen boys like the ones we offer for girls. I've always said that as a girl, this wasn't something I could help them with, but God has led me to His will. I'm managing the ministry and Mr. Amazing and Shelley's husband are going to help with the content. It's in progress, and I'll let you know when it's up and running. :)

I'm working on reading my Bible and running daily. I've been doing so more frequently than I was before, but I have yet to figure out a routine that actually works for me.

I did make a decision about my vitamins though! Instead of forcing myself to take generic, good for you vitamins, Mr. Amazing helped me pick out vitamins that are specifically what I need. Our family is routinely getting sick, so he got me some vitamin C capsules. My blood-sugar has been acting wonky again (this comes and goes as I have hypoglycemia) so he got me some cinnamon capsules. And then last year when I was having issues with my energy levels, someone (like 5 someones) told me to take magnesium - so I've started taking those again.

...I think that might be it! It's a process, but at least I'm on the path God has set before me.

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