Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Spiritual Vitamins

One of my dear friends today said something in her facebook status about the importance of vitamins, so that got me to thinking. Why are vitamins important? What do they do for us? So I did an internet search. :)

Here is what I found: Vitamins affect every part of our body, the way we see things, our hearts, our muscles, our nervous system, the way we develop and grow. Taking pills in the morning doesn't insure that all those things are in working order, it is just meant to be extra to help out on what you might miss out on during the day.

So what about spiritual vitamins? Do we take that time during the morning with the Lord as a supplement to what is already going on in our day, is it all we are getting, or maybe do we need to think about starting to take that "spiritual vitamin" each day.

Much like those pills that we take each morning, spiritual vitamins (or devotions) affect the way we see things, they affect our hearts, our minds, our nervous systems. They affect the way that we (and often our children) develop and grow. They don't insure that our walk with God is in perfect working order, they are just meant to give us a little extra boost, and help out on something that we might need, or mess later in the day.

While I was researching the importance of vitamins I came across an article called Do I need vitamin supplements Most of it was about taking the physical vitamins, but the first paragraph really impacted me. Unless I have a balanced spiritual life, I need to take my spiritual vitamins, and honestly, at this point in my life... I'm not even sure I know what a balanced spiritual life would look like... Do you?

My flesh and my heart may fail,But God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.
Psalm 73:26


  1. Hi Heather
    It is true that we need to be taking vitamins everyday as we can't get everything we need through our food because our food is depleted in vitamins through bad soil-mass production of food and through chemicals that are being sprayed on the fields which go right into our food.

    I love your analogy of spiritual vitamins each day too as we need nourishment from the Lord through His word in order to be effective for Him. I'm enjoying reading your blog.


  2. I love this post!!! I'm glad I took my 'spiritual vitamin' this morning cause boy did I sure need to reflect back on it as the day went on ;)

  3. I like your analogy, but may I take it one step further? Considering that our whole diet is made up of vitamins and minerals and supplements are an artificial way of getting what we should have in our daily food, it makes sense that we should be feeding on the Word constantly, not just as a quick fix.

  4. I completely agree Carol! That is why they are supplements. Just as you can't take your vitamin in the morning and not eat for the entire day, I would never suggest a morning devotion be the end of it.