Friday, September 9, 2011

Rest areas, strangers, and showers

We just got back from our vacation, and I'm not back up on days of the week yet, but I'm pretty sure it's still Friday, and that you all will get a kick out of this. For our vacation every year, we drive to Iowa. This is an 11 hour drive without children. However, when you add children, it ends up to be much, MUCH longer. So on this extremely long trip, we stop at lots of rest area's and meet/encounter lots of other travelers. Well, on this trip, one rest stop will forever remain in my memory. Burnt there to make me laugh and want to throw up at the same time...
We were driving through Nebraska on I-80 when Ella expressed her need to pee. Of course we stopped at the first available place, which was a rest area. It was even a nice rest area (as most of the ones in Nebraska are). There was a beautiful lake, and some play equipment for the kids, however all of that would have to wait. Ella made a mad dash for the bathroom and I trailed after her. My friend Nita, who we were helping move back to Colorado, would follow with Alexa when they were out of the van, but Ella couldn't wait.

So, I got into the rest room, and located the stall that held my child. There was only one other woman in the bathroom, so I left the door open a bit so that Alexa could find us then turned my attention to Ella. I hear Alexa run into the bathroom and call for me, and call out to let her know where we were. Apparently not fast enough, as I hear the voice of a woman say hello. I stick my head out the stall the door to see her on her hands and knees with her head under the door of the only other occupied stall! I call her back, and apologize profusely to this poor traveler, who said she completely understood. She must have been a grandmother. Nita came in about this time, Alexa had ran ahead of her and she didn't think there was a need to chase after her as I was already in there.

Once I had both of my dear daughters in the stall with me, Ella said she was done, so I got some toilet paper, leaned over her to help her wipe and was in the middle of asking her to lean forward a bit when the toilet spontaneously flushed. And this was one of those spastic toilets that shoots the water 4 feet into the air (no exaggeration necessary). Let's just say that Ella got a full shower, but lucky little me, I only got my face washed, and because I know you're wondering, no, I did not get my mouth closed in time...

After I semi regained brain activity, I finished wiping my daughter, dried off her back, hair, and my face with toilet paper, pulled her off the potty and huddled my children in the corner while it flushed again. I then wiped the seat, now soaked with water, down so that my other daughter could go (being much more careful with the positioning of my head this time) and the repeating the speed of light huddle in the corner again.

I then washed my mouth out as best as possible, washed my face, chewed some gum, and spit profusely for the next 20 minutes. And let everyone enjoy a good laugh at my expense of course. :p

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  1. Oh my goodness! I don't know whether to laugh or throw up either. LOL! I'm pretty sure you will never forget that memorable pit stop. Ha! Ha!
    Thanks for sharing and for the gag/laugh. Hee! Hee!
    Have a great weekend.