Monday, August 29, 2011

Mr. Monday!

Mr. Amazing cleaned Sparky's bowl today. This is normally my job, however, I have been super swamped lately, and had fallen behind. It was on my to do list to get done before we leave for vacation on Thursday, and it would have gotten done, but now I don't have to. He's so thoughtful. (on that note, no Mr. Monday post next week, as we will be out of town.)

I am so looking forward to going on our week long vacation! A whole week with Mr. Amazing, nothing could be better!!! We are helping a friend move, and I am a bit disappointed that we have to take 2 different vehicles. He is pulling the trailer with his 4runner, and she can't drive a stick, so she and I will take turns driving our van, and Mr. Amazing will be in the other vehicle. I might ride with him part of the way, but we will have to wait and see. But, after we get there, we will be inseparable. :)

What is your favorite part about vacationing with your Mr.?

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