Saturday, October 22, 2011

Servant, Wife, Mother

It's funny how easily priorities get mixed up. As a mom of young kids, it's essential to take care of your children. However, I have also found, that if you put your children first in your life, life seems to get completely out of hand, and quick. It seems like every time I look around and see my life in utter chaos, it's because my priorities are mixed up. I'm either thinking about myself too much, or trying to be the perfect parent.

On day's like that, it's good to come back to my target priorities. First and foremost, I need to be a servant of Christ. If my walk with God isn't right, nothing will be. I can't be a good mother, or a good wife, or even a good person if I'm neglecting my heavenly Father.

Likewise, I can't be a good mother to my children if I'm not being a good wife to my husband. My children see the way that my husband and I interact, they see the way that we treat one another. Not only do they mimic that behavior towards each, and us, they will also mimic that behavior in their own marriages years down the road.

Next comes my children. I have no business volunteering for ministry work, if I have not taken care of my children. Someone once said that the biggest mission field you can ever serve in, is your own home. Think about it. If I raise my children to love and honor Christ, then they will go out into the world and share that with others. I can reach more people by properly raising the four of them, then I ever could on my own.

After those three things are in there proper places, then I can use what is left to serve Christ outside of my home. I can use the love that God has given me to serve my community. You might have noticed that I left myself out of that equation. I did that on purpose. The Bible says that we are to die to ourselves. Everything that I do should be for the glory of Christ. Not for myself. The best thing I can do for myself, is to grow closer to God. To give more of myself up, to live for Him.


  1. Very very good post! And so true! In this day and age of "ministry" we forget that our first charge is to love our husbands and take care of our children and homes. We often feel pressured that we aren't doing "enough" if we aren't involved in twenty different projects outside the home. That's distraction and a plan of the enemy to keep you from doing what God has planned for you and in the lives of your children! :) even the "good" stuff must take a back seat to our true calling as wives and mothers!

    One thing I've started to do is stop and ask myself, who am I denying a blessing to? I've prayed to God about showing which things He wants me to do (above and beyond my call of family/home) and those which He doesn't. All are good, solid volunteer projects for various ministries. He's been gracious enough to allow me to witness the effect of my learning to say "no". I've seen others rise up and take the mantle/volunteer position and the project flourishes under His will because that's who He wanted to handle it in the first place. :)

  2. What a great testimony, Tam! It's so easy to want to help, but if outside of God's plan for your life, then it really isn't helping anyone... I'm still working on learning this, but God is faithful.