Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Winner and A Scripture Reflection

And the winner of the Woodcarver DVD is.....


Congratulations, Robin! I hope you and your beautiful family enjoy this DVD as much as I am :D

Now! On to the Scripture reflection:

He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation. 
~Colossians 1:15

We are studying Colossians in our woman's Bible study at church, and as I was reading through it today, I came to a new understanding of Colossians 1:15. You see, this is the verse that the Jehovah Witnesses use to discredit Jesus as part of the Trinity, to 'prove' (in their minds) that He is a created being. In the past, I haven't known what to do with that. I knew they were wrong, I just couldn't understand what was meant by this verse - it was very troubling to me. But not anymore!

Jesus was the firstborn over all creation. That's an amazing fact to know! God the Son coming to earth as our Savior was the first aspect of Creation that was planned. Before they planned the creation of the world, before they made Adam and Eve, God knew that His creation would need a Savior. He knew that anything that was less than Him, wouldn't be able to be perfect. You see, this verse isn't stating that Jesus was created. No, it's telling us that before anything was created, they created the plan for us to be reconciled to God. How amazing is that! God knew that Adam and Eve would sin, even before He planned to create them, and He made a way to counter that act of sin. 

I have often heard (and believe) that the old testament points us to Christ, but when reading this verse, I see it as more of a record of God's master plan. He didn't send Jesus because Adam and Eve sinned; Jesus' death and resurrection - His victory over sin - had already been planned before they were even created. Salvation wasn't an after thought! Jesus' humanity was the first thing that God (the Father, Son and Holy Spirit) created, even though it wouldn't happen for years to come, they had a plan. Everything that happened before He was physically born was to set the stage for His glorious work. Just as now, while we are waiting for His return, He is preparing a place for us, and we are setting the stage for His glorious return. 

Jesus was the firstborn over all creation, not simply an after thought. I hope that you can find as much joy in that today as I have. - and maybe have something powerful to share with the next JW that knocks on your door. ;)

A special thank you to the apostle Paul and God for writing the letter to Colossians, I'm so thankful to be growing in the knowledge of God! 

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  1. Aw yay! Thanks for hosting the giveaway! Great insight on Colossians.