Monday, March 19, 2012

Mr. Monday

Well, the guest posting series by Sandy Ralya has come to a close. I do hope that you enjoyed it. As much as I enjoyed having a little extra time each week saved by having the posts written for me, I truly have missed writing Mr. Monday posts. There's just something about writing about my Mr. that makes me happy! :)

I'm so excited that our vacation is only a week away. I actually feel like I will be ready for it when it gets here. I'm almost caught up on everything that needs to be done before we leave, and the thought of spending a week and a half of uninterrupted time with my Mr. brings me great joy! But, I have been having a great time with him here at home too.

A lot has happened here recently. Mr. Amazing's work schedule has changed and we are able to go to church as a family once again! Praise the Lord! That being said, we have been doing a lot of praying and planning (more on the planning in a later post) about our work future. We have been working together on a freelance project. I am formatting a book and he is designing the cover. This is what we love. It's so great to work together. We have done this once before (only I was editing the book and he was doing the cover), and we really enjoy working together. So, we're going to pursue that more in the hopes that we will eventually be able to both work from home, side by side and hand in hand.

You see, I'm not one of those wives that tire of their husbands presence. When he was laid off last year, I enjoyed every single second of him being home, and I know that I would enjoy having him work from home as well.

What about you? Do you enjoy doing things with your husband as well as for him?


  1. Eh, honestly depends on the day and my attitude on the "for him" part :( Hahaha but love doing things WITH him!

    O wow! Yalls work plans sound so awesome! I'll be praying that God blesses that!!! :) That just excites me thinking about it! I know yall will love that so much!!!

  2. I'm praying for it too! It's still a ways off, but I am very hopeful!