Monday, March 26, 2012

Mr. Monday: Spring Break!!!

When you read this Mr. Amazing, myself, our four children, and our dog will all be crammed into our minivan on our way to visit the best in-laws in the world. :D By the time we arrive at our cherished destination that is a good 12 hours away, we will be stiff, sore, and probably a little cranky - but I can't wait!

Even in 12 hour car rides can be stressful (and make me a little car sick) I love them. I love sitting beside my husband with nothing better to do than talk to him. To sit there with my hand in his and the open road before us is one of my favorite times in the world. You see, we live very busy lives, so even though we spend time together every day, it's not the same as the uninterrupted, nothing else to do time that we get on these trips. Last fall when we went to Iowa to see my family, we missed out on that. We were helping a friend move as well, so we took two vehicles. He drove his 4Runner and I drove the van. She took turns riding with each of us, and even drove the van a bit so that I could ride with him for a bit, but it wasn't the same. Even when I was with him we were focused on the fact that our kids were in the van in front of us, and talking about where we were going to stop or switch back, or just a million different things. It wasn't nearly as relaxed of a time as it is when we are traveling alone together. (Please don't get me wrong, I'm very happy that we were able to help our friend move and would do it again in a heart beat. I got to spend some great quality time with her that I hadn't for a while - I just missed the quality time with Mr. Amazing.)

So, pray for us! We should arrive in Texas shortly after supper time tonight... or maybe shortly after bedtime depending on the number of stops that we make.

Ooo! One of our traditional stops is Dorthy's house in Kansas :) We always take pictures of our little munchkins in the land of Oz! Check them out (they are so cute!):


Oh my! Can you believe that we haven't been there since 2009?! Craziness I tell you! Going to Texas use to be an annual thing... I'm thinking that we might have went in 2010, but I forgot my camera... Not sure though. I know we didn't make it last year. :(

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