Saturday, February 12, 2011

Forgiveness Formula by C.J. and Shelley Hitz

This was probably the most heartfelt book I have ever read. Through the unfolding of this book C.J. and Shelley Hitz take you on a journey with them to discover how Jesus is the greatest mathematician of all time, and only His math can add up to a full life. While reading this book they shared their humor with me to the point of laughter and through sharing their sorrow I cried with them.

I highly recommend this book. There are some editing errors and they quoted from some questionable sources, but they didn’t write this book for personal gain. They aren’t trying to commercialize their faith, this is a book from the heart and discrediting it or judging it for the little things will take away from what they are trying to get across. It isn’t perfection that this book strived for, but to share the heart of the two broken and frail humans that have came to find their hope and place their trust in Jesus Christ.

I had the privilege of meeting C.J. and Shelly last fall. I have been volunteering for Shelley’s website for teen girls ( for several years now, so when they came through Colorado on a speaking trip we were able to get together briefly and meet for the first time. They are both wonderful people and very devoted to Christ. While I knew that then, it is even more evident through their writing. They don’t try to glorify themselves but to share their lives in the most open and honest way possible, by sharing their hardships, falls, pain, sorrow, and joy.


Worldview: Biblical

Target Audience: Anyone willing to read it.

Positive Elements: This is just a really great book in every way, but to say something positive about it that I haven’t already mentioned, I would add that it offers amazing descriptions to relate God’s love and forgiveness to us in ways that are easy to understand.

Inappropriate Language: None

Unbiblical Content: None

Other Negative Elements: While they quoted from some questionable sources all of the quotes they use I found to be biblically sound.

C.J. and Shelley Hitz are Christian speakers. To learn more about them, or to have them speak at an event please visit their website.

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