Monday, February 7, 2011

Mr. Monday

The past week has been stressful, but Mr. Amazing has been amazing (as always... hints the name). He has been working hard looking for a new job, supporting our family, caring for us, having fun with the kids, and encouraging me. Last week he took us to Chick-Fil-A for veggie tales family night. The kids had a BLAST, I was extremely stressed out (I have self-diagnosed social anxiety that I am trying to over come... this was not a good place for me). The kids got to play in the play place, eat great food, and hug Larry the cucumber. (Bob was there too, but he went on break before we made our way through the hoards of people to see them. :(

Mr. Amazing also got me a gift certificate! I will write more about it later. It isn't the kind of thing I normally do, but he wanted to spoil me, and it's the worlds way to spoil women. He's so sweet! Maybe I should call him Mr. Sweetness ;)

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