Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mr. Amazing

I have absolutely been loving having Mr. Amazing home. I will probably cry when he finally finds a job (but at the same time, I'm hoping he finds a job for obvious reasons). In the past two weeks we have went hiking together, took the kids to the park together, took the kids sledding, went to the zoo as a family... twice, went for a nice family walk, and even went on a date! It has been such a blessing to have him home!

On that note, I'm blogging a lot less because my days are full of my Mr. :) I hope you all understand. I'm sure I will be back to my regular blogging schedule when he becomes employed.

My question for you this week is what is your favorite thing to do with your husband (or whole family)? What kinds of things do you enjoy to do when your Mr. is home?


  1. I love going on walks with Mi Amor... Another reason I can't wait for Spring! :)

  2. I'm new to your blog, didn't realize your family was facing this challenge. Your faith that God will provide (as He always does) and fantastic attitude of thankfulness is a great inspiration.
    My dear hubby and I began taking walks while he was recovering from back surgery about three years ago. He's back to normal now, but our walks are something very special we try to do several times a week!

  3. The first picture is funny! Mr. Wonderful and I love to learn about God and how to defend the Christian faith (Christian Apologetics). We love to play with the girls and go on walks too! Sounds like you and yours are having a great time!