Saturday, July 9, 2011

Iced Coffee

First and foremost, I almost feel bad making this the day my mother-in-law left. She is known by the entire family for her iced-coffee. She was making iced-coffee before iced-coffee was cool (pun intended). My husband always says that if she would have patented it back when she first made it that their whole family would be rich. I on the other hand, have never made iced-coffee before. I will get an occasional frappe when we are out, but that is the extent of my iced-coffee history. However, Kim over at Homesteader's Heart made my mouth water when she shared about her iced-coffee (who in turn caught the iced-coffee desire from The Pioneer Woman). So I figure that it is my turn to pass it on.

I must admit that the way they did it looked like it would take forever, so I took several short cuts. First, I brewed my coffee in my trusty but not dusty coffee maker. :) I made it twice as strong as normal, so that if it got a bit watered down it would be a good thing.

Next I put it into the freezer to cool it off. I impatiently waited for half an hour before I could take it no longer. So, while it was still in the freezer, I put some ice into my blender to crush. I then added 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream, some sweetened condensed milk, and the almost cool coffee and mixed all it together.

Check out that froth! All that was left was to pour it into my Colorado Rockies baseball cup, add a HUGE blue straw, and enjoy. Mr. Amazing even gave it his approval when he tasted it :) Next time I will let the coffee cool completely so that there are still ice pieces in it, but it is so yummy!!!

Quick question, if all I drink all day is homemade iced-coffee, what kind of side effects should I expect to encounter?

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  1.'ll be up all night, my friend! Not to mention the sugar buzz! You'll be more animated than the kids, lol.

    Looks yummy and I don't even care for coffee (except my annual half cup of almond cappuccino when it gets really cold).

    Great work!