Monday, July 25, 2011

Mr. Monday

Welcome back to Mr. Monday! Do you love your Mr? I know I sure do. This week, I have really just been contemplating how we show love to our Mr.'s.

I show Mr. Amazing love by cleaning the house, taking care of the kids, fixing him things to eat, bringing him drinks, laying out his work clothes, and lots of hugs and kisses! Of course, he could do all of those things on his own (except the hugs and kisses....) but I enjoy doing them for him. I might not be the best at doing them. I'm often up at midnight ironing his clothes because I forgot, and on occasion he has to find them for himself in the morning. But I like doing these things for him. I enjoy showing him my love.

There are countless ways that we can show our Mr's love. We can put notes in their lunches or cars, we can wear outfits that we know they like. We can show them that we love them by respecting them and not putting them down. By building them up in front of others, even if it's someone that they never talk to. We can show our love for them by doing small things that we know they enjoy. We could show them our love by washing their car, or mowing the lawn for them. Of course, each of our Mr.s are different. Someone's Mr. might be offended by some of these things, but may be simply delighted by something that I haven't mentioned.

My question for you is, how do you show your Mr. your love for him?

*Edited to add: The Modest Mom had a great post about loving our Mr.s today! Check it out!


  1. Yes, great ideas. I often think of the Proverbs 31 woman and how her husband was known at the gates. It's because of so many things, but I like the inference that it is because his wife is so respected and takes care of him and their home to the best of her ability. And she builds him up with her actions and her words! :)


    PS...yippee! Remembered my Mr. this week. :)

  2. That's exactly it, Tam!

    BTW, the original plan was to include a link up for Mr. Monday, I'm working towards that end. Hopefully I will have it up soon. Thanks for sharing your link!