Thursday, December 15, 2011

Find Your True Beauty... In Christ!

I am amazingly thankful for! When I started volunteering for Shelley several years ago, I never dreamed of where it would take me or how much fun I would have along the way! I have shared my personal testimony of my work there several times, so I'm going to keep this post strictly about the ministry itself. is a website designed to help today's teen girls discover that their true beauty doesn't come from the outside appearance. It also offers support for girls that are struggling with eating disorders, cutting, have suicidal thoughts, sex, dating and modesty. It is such an amazing ministry, I can't tell you enough good things about it.

Besides the website, Shelley also travels around speaking to teen girls. She has been ranked up there with Leslie Ludy as far as making a positive impact on teen girls.

If you visit her website there are a number of free tools available for download. You can get a free PDF copy of her book "Mirror Mirror... Am I Beautiful?" when you sign up for her newsletter, and of course our "Teen Devotionals... For Girls!" are available for free there as well.

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