Monday, December 5, 2011

Spiritually Unequal Marriages

As I mentioned on Thursday, I am going to be highlighting some ministries this month that I love, and I also mentioned last Monday that I was going to be doing Marriage Ministries on Mondays. The first marriage ministry that I want to highlight is "Spiritually Unequal Marriage". Lynn and Dianne have an amazing blog designed to help other women who are in the midst of an unequally yolked marriage. You can visit their blog at:

They have also co-authored a book "Winning Him Without Words". I haven't read it, but knowing these two women from their blog, I'm sure it's great! Don't trust that? You can read a sample chapter here.

They also have a show that they do entitled "The Intentional Marriage":

Anyway, point being that they are two fabulous ladies with hearts for Christ, and helping other women who are in spiritually unequal marriages.

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