Friday, February 3, 2012

Action Plans

In his heart a man plans his course, 

   but the LORD determines his steps.
~ Proverbs 16:9

To prepare for our upcoming vacation (yes, I know it's almost 2 months away), I have a ton of stuff that I have to do. I'm planning a course, you could say, to get everything done in time. Yet, I don't always meet my deadlines. This happens more then with getting ready for vacations. Even my normal to do list is sometimes left unfinished. It's tempting to get frustrated or upset when things don't go my way, but then I look back to Proverbs 16:9. I can plan all I want, but God is the one determining my steps. God knows in advance what will get done and what wont. I shouldn't get upset, but rather trust God is accomplishing the things that He needs to do through me. If I miss a deadline or have to bump something to a different week, God is still God and it isn't the end of the world. So when I get a case of the Friday Frizzles I have to stop and focus on what God wants from me. I have to remember that He is in control, and all is not lost. 

But for now, I thought I would share my action plan with you. Before we leave for Texas in now just over 7 weeks, I have to:
  • Finish writing the devotions for "Teen Devotionals... For Girls! Vol. 2"
  • Edit and format them for publishing
  • Re-format them for Kindle
  • Set up a blog tour and write the posts
  • Write blog posts for between now and when we will get back for 3 blogs
  • Clean my house
  • Set up a house sitter
  • My normal weekly tasks
  • Pack
  • Find a place with internet that I can use while there if needed
  • Write a letter to a family friend in the area
  • Edit and format another book
  • ...that might be it... but probably not.
And those are just the things that HAVE to be done before I go, and don't count the other little projects that I am currently working on... ugh! I have to trust God that He will accomplish the things that He has planned to do through me, and remember that it's my job to plan, and His job to determine what I get to complete.

On a side note... What kinds of things do you have to do before you leave on a vacation? Is there anything that I have left off my list?

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  1. You have a pretty healthy list there! But like you said, if you let Him, God will get done what He wants and the rest will wait or go to someone else. :)

    Just wanted to check in and see how you were doing. Do you want to do some challenging to help you reach any undone plans? Just encouragement? Am here for you, friend--especially with prayer.