Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Problem Solver

As a mom of twin 4 year olds, it seems like one of the things I do most often is solve problems. I'm sure other moms can relate easily to this. But let me give you a few examples: When Alexa needs to go to the bathroom, she runs to me practically in tears and tells me that she needs to pee. My response: Well, go to the bathroom. She does, and voila: problem solved. When Ella get's cold, she comes to me to tell me. What do I do? I tell her to get a blanket, or put her clothes back on. She does, and voila: problem solved. We have a limited number of bowls in our house (only enough for one meal for the whole family) so when the boys come to me before the dishes have been washed and tell me they need a clean bowl, I tell them to wash one. They do and voila: problem solved. - Do you see a trend here?

What I see as common since, the kids are still just learning. Solving most child sized problems is easy for most adults. They have problems that we have lived through, problems that we have dealt with in the past, or still cope with today (like needing clean dishes and going to the bathroom - we just don't see them as problems any longer).

I pondered on that today as I solved problem after problem, but instead of thinking about how frustrating it was that I was solving the same problems over and over and over again, my mind drifted to my heavenly father. I wonder if He ever does that for me. When I come to Him in prayer because I have a problem, does He ever shake His head and wonder when I will ever learn that if I need to pee I should just go to the bathroom: If I'm worried about the things of the world that I should just cast my anxieties on Him?

Moreover, my children think of me as their ultimate problem solver. Have a problem? Mom can help! But do I think of God that way? Do I trust Him with that childlike faith that trusts that He possesses all of the answers to any problem that I may run into? ...Do you?

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