Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Dreaded Rental Inspection

I hate really don't look forward to rental inspections. I know that they only happen once a year, but I spend the entire year dreading the next one. It's the soul reason that I want to move. This year they have added to the stress of the inspection, by giving us less than a weeks notice, and putting in the letter that they will be inspecting our housekeeping as well as our home. If you ever want to put a woman in a frenzy, just tell her that you are coming to inspect her house keeping and will be there in 3 days. Thankfully I don't have any deadlines this week, so I might not even turn my computer back on before they have come and gone.

But I digress, God is sovereign. If we get evicted because I am a horrible housekeeper, He will make something good come of it. But just in case, any volunteers to let us room with them? No, I'm kidding. Well... maybe.

For any of you who don't rent, a rental inspection is where the people you rent from come into your home (invading your privacy) and snoop around. They want to make sure that their property (that you are paying a hefty fee to use) is being well taken care of. Now sometimes good things come of it. Like getting a dead tree cut down. But other times you are told that you have to pick up all of the toys in you back yard. You say, "Oh, I did that yesterday... did you notice that I have four children?" And you send the children out to pick up all of the toys that they drug out in the last 24 hours, and you still get a phone call a week later to make sure that you picked up your back yard. "Why yes," you reply sweetly, "at least 5 times since you've been here."

Then other times you are told you have to rearrange your furniture, because... well, they always have some reason. It's not a full 6 inches from the heater vent, or your powdered laundry detergent can't be in the laundry room because the furnace is in there and the dust might clog the filter? You get randomly questioned about all of the neighborhood cats, just in case they belonged to you, and you didn't have permission for them (even if you paid a pet deposit and they have on record which animals are yours).

Did I mention that this is the soul reason that I want to move? Yes? Well, it is. Today would be good.

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