Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Libraries Across Our Home

Robin, over at This Mom Follows God, had the wonderful idea to share libraries, so here's my post:

Our books are actually spread out throughout the house, so there's multiple pictures here.

This is my reference section in my office. They are the books that I keep at my desk for easy reach. They include my Christian Writer's Manual of Style, Thesaurus, Dictionary, and such...

This is the other shelf of books in my office, it contains random reference books on cults, books that I have reviewed, or Bible study books, books on Christian living, or just random books that I have received. 

This is they boy's book shelf in their room. It has books that are at their reading level - and their Bibles... and a few history books from when we were homeschooling... I think that's it...

This is the girl's book shelf in their room. I'm not sure how the book on Latin got here, but the rest are books that I read to them, or that they like to look at on their own. Most are board books, but not all of them.

This is the messy book shelf from the living room... It contains mainly children's books and piano books, but there are a few other random books shoved in (literally). 

This is the book shelf in my bedroom. It holds my husbands Terry Brooks collection, and books that I like to keep downstairs. It's where the books that I want to be reading are suppose to be... but the ones that I'm actually reading are usually spread out across the house, or on the kitchen table... Currently they are still in my bag that I took with us on vacation...

These are our homeschooling books down in the basement. There's a lot of them, and they range widely in topic. Most are non-fiction books (like the entire set of Encyclopaedia Britannica's), but there are also work books, and a few educational fiction books mixed in. 

And this is my small collection of books that I keep in the guest room. Just in case guests want to do any reading while they are here. :)

I'd like to tell you that that's all... but the truth is, it's probably only about 2/3 of our books. I gave away a ton of them last year (including my entire collection of Lori Wick books... I had almost every book she had ever written), but I'm aware that I probably still need to downsize some. What can I say, I have a thing for books... And my library is ever growing from the book review programs that I'm involved in... I just got "The Ministry of Christ: 1000 Days" by Jonathan Falwell in the mail yesterday :)

Anyway, that's our libraries, I'd love to see and hear about yours as well. You can view more libraries over at Robin's blog.

And since this is a very long post about books, I wanted to point you to the list of book review companies that I have here on my blog. If you're interested in getting free books, you should check out one or more of the programs available here.


  1. Thanks for linking up! Love your books! Espically love Radical being in the guest room....they just may walk out...radical :)