Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring Break Re-Cap

Spring break was AWESOME! I have the best in-laws EVER, and I love Texas. I almost have Mr. Amazing convinced to move there. If he had a job offer in the area, we would be there in a heartbeat (prayers appreciated!). But, we're back in Colorful Colorado now, and I really do love it here too...

We kept our tradition of stopping in Kansas to visit Dorthy's house and the Land of Oz. 
Above is a picture of our little munchkins. :)

And that's a picture of the beautiful Texas sunset that we got to watch as we drove to our finial destination. 

Granny got permission from the neighbors to let the kids jump on their trampoline. This was a hit.

Daddy and Grandpa took the kids fishing. I sat and watched. 

Okay, watching them fish got pretty boring, so I picked up sea shells instead. They were EVERYWHERE.

No one caught anything, but they still had fun... and I have a TON of sea shells :)

We played Frisbee

...and Croquet

...and lots of board games.

On Sunday the kids carried palm branches in at Granny and Grandpa's church.

And we took lots and lots and lots and lots of pictures

Our big happy family

In conclusion. We had the time of our lives, and I wish it never had to end. But, I'm home now, and dreaming of Texas once again. 

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