Friday, April 27, 2012

Teen Devotionals... for Girls! Vol. 2

Pardon the poor photo... my webcam has seen better days...
I'm so excited to tell you that our second devotional book, "Teen Devotionals... for Girls!" Volume 2 was published last week! I'm not sure how many of you were following me way back when my first devotional book got published in July of 2010, but this is a totally different feeling. Back then I struggled with humility. I was battling the pride of being a published author, but this time that's not the case. I am just so excited to be seeing everything that God is doing through these devotions. You see, they are read daily by teens around the world, used in Bible study groups, and have even been used at events such as See You at the Pole. The responses that we get via e-mail are simply amazing, and so encouraging.
We started writing these devotions back in 2009, and God has just continued using them in the lives of teen girls, youth leaders, and even moms and college aged women. Here's a short video that Shelley (the founder of the ministry that I write them for) put together:

Since this video was filmed, we now have over 180 devotions available - that's 6 months of devotions that girls can get delivered to their e-mail inbox's for free each day. With over 3,000 girls subscribed to those e-mails I am just blown away.  - And to think, I had given up on my dream of becoming an author!

A little background for those of you who don't know:

Back when my twins were infants, I was looking for someway that I could volunteer my time online. During the same month I found and Circle of Moms. I became active with both organizations. I took over volunteering as the administrator of the Christian Mommies community on Circle of Moms, and volunteered for responding to messages by teen girls and praying over their needs. Well, at some point in time a mom in my Christian Mommies community asked about where she could find good, biblical devotions for her teenage daughter and it just so happened that I knew of this amazing ministry for teen girls, but I didn't know if they offered devotions. So I asked.

I sent Shelley an e-mail asking if she had any devotions on her website, and she responded that she didn't but that it was a great idea and asked if I would be willing to help her put something together. And thus, Teen Devotionals... for Girls! was born. It's crazy to me that that was around 3 years ago. Time has just flown by! It's been a wonderful road and I couldn't be more happy that Teen devotions… For Girls! Vol. 2 is out there to continue bringing teen girls to Christ and help them grow in their walks with Him. Like the first book, it has been compiled by multiple authors and brought to you by, where our desire is to help teens draw closer to God by finding their true beauty in Christ. 

If you know of any teen girls (moms with teen girls or youth leaders) that you think would be interested in these devotions, please share with them. They can sign up to receive the devotions for free via e-mail on Shelley's website, or purchase the books on Amazon

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