Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cleaning day!

Saturday is cleaning day at our house. We usually... well we plan to go to the park on Saturday mornings, but we rarely ever make it. One thing or another always goes wrong. Today it's pink-eye. When we went on vacation a few weeks ago we picked it up from my sisters children and it has been cycling through my family ever since. We finally thought we were finished, and yesterday my younger boy came down with it. Bummer! So no park today, but we can still clean! I have to admit that I am very thankful that we are homeschooling so the kids aren't missing any school because of this!

Back to Saturday being cleaning day. We/I have big plans for today. The kids get to help, even though they are less than thrilled about it. They love that there is no school on Saturdays, but Saturday's have been cleaning days for what seems like forever around here, so they are use to it (but they still don't like it). They have come to terms with the fact that if they get their cleaning done sooner rather than later they get more play time though. :)

So what are my big plans? Last week we re-arranged the girls bedroom (It looks fabulous!) and shampooed their carpet. We also started re-arranging the boys room, but didn't get finished. So today, I'm hoping to finish the boy's room and detail clean the rest of the upstairs, and the actual stairs themselves... although I'm not sure how I'm going to clean the carpet on the stairs, I just know it needs it! Along with our normal Saturday chores of getting caught up on the laundry, dishes, cleaning the living room, kitchen, and well the rest of the house :) Did I mention that my kids love Saturdays? We really do have a pretty small house and it isn't THAT messy. I do the kitchen, bathrooms, and most of the laundry, so their part really isn't that much either. But it is possible to clean the whole thing in less than a day (Minus the detailed cleaning and re-arranging). I love our house!

The girl's room that we re-arranged last week:

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