Thursday, August 19, 2010

Happy Birthday, Paul!

Today is my wonderful Husband's birthday. However, this is his year to forget birthdays, and in keeping with the rest of them, he forgot his own birthday. He is working today, all day. I thought I would surprise him by taking him a cake and a card to work (which I do every year), but when I got there he had 4 of his bosses in his store plus some marketing people. So that didn't go so well. I ended up brining it back home. I will send it with him later so he can share it with his crew (he is a general manager for Quiznos). He has a great crew, and I would hate to leave them out!

He will be home around 5 tonight and we are planning on having a nice supper ready for him and the boys are helping me bake a cake to keep at home(the other was store bought). Then he has to go back to work to help them install a new computer system...

On his next day off we will do a combo birthday celebration for both him and our oldest son who will turn 8 on Monday. I don't know what we are doing. I think Paul wants to go swimming, but I'm really not up for that as I don't have a modest bathing suit yet... Last year we visited the Wild Animal Sanctuary and the year before we went swimming. It's always fun!

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