Thursday, August 5, 2010

Modesty stumbling blocks

Most of the time when we think about modesty being a stumbling block for someone, we automatically think of someone of the opposite gender. But is that always the case? What about the fact that my body type and build are completely different than that of other woman’s and clothes that look perfectly modest on me, would be 100% immodest on someone else? By wearing clothing like that are we being stumbling blocks to our sisters in Christ? I think the answer is sometimes yes.

For instance, I use to believe that it was okay for me to wear spaghetti strapped tank tops because I have a very small chest. It shows zero cleavage, and my husband agreed that they are very modest on me. However they are not modest on most women. (I have since come to realize that they probably were never really that modest on me either because they still show off tons of skin up top, even if it isn’t cleavage.) I’m sure there are other clothing choices that are along the same lines though.

I know we can’t go around wondering how everyone in the entire world would look in every outfit we put on, that would be absurd, but I think that I personally need to be a bit more sensitive to those who surround me. Modesty isn’t about me, it’s about pleasing God. It would please Him more if I wasn’t only concerned about the opposite gender, but also my fellow sisters in Christ. If I was able to be a good example not just for those with the same figure as me, but for all who share my desire to live modestly.

I would love to hear of any outfit or clothing choice that you know of that would fall into the category of modest for only one body type.


  1. Not only is it a stumbling block the way you said but you could also cause jealousy. One sister in Christ might be jealous that she doesn't look like you which isn't what she should see. She should see Christ when she looks at you (by the way I'm talking about myself, not you). There are also the ones that are "sexually confused" and you could cause them to lust.
    I can't think of any clothing items right now that are only modest for one body type but when I think of some I'll get back to you. Great post!

  2. You make a wonderful point Robin! Thanks for sharing that!