Friday, August 6, 2010

My Pink Porch

We live in a rental house, and this past summer they re-sided it. Which was fantastic. When we moved in the house was this pinkish color... Anyway, we loved the location, layout, and back yard so the color really didn't matter. Well, when they re-sided it they changed the color! We were so excited! Not only did they change the color, but it is now green, my favorite color, bonus! And it has white trim... Anyway, so after they were done with the siding we spoke with the landlord about the front porch... it was still pink. She totally agreed that it needed to be painted white, as did the main maintenance lady that was here with her that day.

So we have been waiting, and waiting, waiting, all summer. (This was back in April.) Well they finally showed up yesterday to paint our front porch!! Woo hoo! I am not a nosy person, so I didn't look out the window until close to 5 to check on them, and only then because I wanted to check the mail. Anyway, to my surprise our porch was freshly re-painted pink! AHHH!!! I called my husband almost in tears, and he asked me to go out and ask them if it was suppose to be white. Good idea.

So I went out onto the porch and mentioned that I thought they were going to be paining the porch white, and they said no, the primer was white... So I clarified, that the reason I thought they were painting the porch was because they re-sided the house and it was now green with white trim and having a pink porch made no since. The lead painter replied that he thought they were painting the porch 'beige' because the paint was chipping and peeling off, and he thought it was a great accent color... Sigh, I went back in the house, and my husband said he would call the landlord. She came out and spoke with the painters. But at this point they were basically done. She said she would speak to the maintenance office in the morning and see about having it re-painted again... white.

God has really been speaking to me about this today. I knew yesterday that I was more upset about it then I should have been, but today, God has just really shown me that I have been coveting a white front porch. I honestly think He had a hand in the painters painting it the wrong color. I need to learn to be content in whatever the circumstance of my front porch... I thought that I was, but I wasn't. I was only content because I was looking to the future. They might come out and paint it white next week, or next year, or never. What God has really shown me today is that in light of eternity the color of my front porch is insignificant. It doesn't matter at all, perspective changes things.

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  1. Okay, to comment on my own post... I am trying really, really hard to be content with my pink porch. And every time I think I have it, someone tells me how great my house looks and I just want to yell that it has a PINK PORCH!!! How can they think it looks wonderful when it has a PINK PORCH!!! So obviously I'm not there yet... But I'm working on it...