Thursday, December 9, 2010

Blogging for Books

My dear friend shared in her blog about the website, Blogging for Books. It's like BookSneeze and Tyndale, only it ACTUALLY HAS BOOKS! What a concept, there were so many it took me forever to decide! So many choices! Love it!

I did finally decide to go with Radical by David Platt. It looks fantastic :)


  1. Blessings Harter, I just signed up with Book Sneeze! I was so surprised taht they would ship to me here!!! I'm really looking forward to my first book coming! They actually send the book too!

    This book "RADICAL" and this preview sounds GREAT!! I tried to find this one but your button did not link me to there... who is the publisher of this one?

  2. I found them...Googled Blogging for Books! Thanks!

  3. They didn't have buttons for this, just picture URLs... I never thought about adding a link! Sorry. Glad you found them! :)