Friday, December 10, 2010

Winter clothes

I have really been struggling lately with my modesty convictions. I really think it's more modest to wear dresses and skirts, than it is for me to wear pants. I realize that not everyone agrees with this, but it is where I am at. I have worn pants a few times this winter... and in all honesty they aren't very warm either. In fact, they not only let the cold penetrate to your legs, but they then hold it there. Where as skirts let the cold get to your legs, but then they trap your body heat as soon as you are somewhere warm. If they are loose skirts you can use them like blankets and warm up quickly :)

One would think that being modest and staying warm wouldn't be too hard to put together... but I am having a bit of a challenge with it. Not my tops, but my bottoms. I have been looking for leggings to wear under my skirts, but to no avail.

However today I came across a blog that had an article called Winter Skirt wearing tips and outfits, how cool is that?! She also has my same views on Santa and I have just been really enjoying her blog today!

So I am going to look for tights in addition to leggings, to get me through the winter. I'm already wearing my longer skirts, so that part isn't an issue. I hope you have a warm, happy winter! :)

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  1. That is one thing I don't have a problem with. TX gets cold but it's nothing like Colorado.