Friday, December 10, 2010

Finding Funnies

Over the past 2 weeks I have found tons of funny stuff that I wanted to share with you... however, I have recently forgot most of it... so you get what stuck with me!

I need you to go to Google Maps, and click on get directions.
Type in your starting point as China, and your destination as Japan.
Once the directions have loaded, scroll down to number 41 (or, ya'know you really could read all of them... but number 41 is the most important).
Commence laughing.

This has been a Friday funny. For more Friday funnies, please visit Homesteader's Heart by clicking the link below.
Homesteader's Heart

On a side note: I would love for you to join me by posting your favorite Christ centered Christmas song. My personal goal is to post a different Christ-centered Christmas song each day between now and Christmas. (The only rule is that it has to be Christ-centered. Obviously no songs about Santa, Christmas trees or whatever...) Here's mine for today:


  1. Love this.

    A blogger needs our help.

  2. Oh that's funny! Jet ski across the Pacific ocean! HA! I'd like to see someone try.

    Have a great weekend.