Tuesday, November 1, 2011

30 days of thankfulness: Day 1

Today was the first day of the 30 Days of Being Thankful challenge, hosted by Sonya over at Becoming a Strong Woman of God. While I didn't find too many teaching opportunities (probably for lack of looking), I was amazed at the number of gifts I have to be thankful for.

~I have beautiful sweet children. We might not always be the perfect family, but I love my family and am extremely thankful for them.
~I have the most amazing husband EVER! He works so hard and does so much. He really is great and I am thankful to have him in my life.
~We were surprised to hear that Mr. Amazing has 3 days of vacation left, and that he has to take them in the next couple of weeks as their vacation time rolls over into the new year on December 1st. Extra time with him is always something I am thankful for!
~I'm also thankful for my mom. She was in the hospital Monday night, but is home now. I'm thankful that even though my sister and I both live a ways away from her that she has good friends who were there for her when she needed them. One of them drove her to the hospital, another picked her up, and yet another came to return her library books for her as she isn't able to drive yet. I'm thankful that she has a job that pays for sick time and that she has the opportunity to rest until she is completely restored to full health. I'm also thankful that it wasn't as severe as the doctors first thought.
~I am thankful for the gift of having a home, heat, electricity, running water, beds to sleep in, and blankets to cover up with. I'm thankful for our dishes, the food we eat and the money that God provides to pay our bills.
~I'm thankful for the gift of friendship. A dear friend called me today and we talked for quite a while. I'm not a phone person by nature, and haven't actually spoken on the phone to a friend since the last time she called a few months ago. I truly am blessed to have her as a friend.
~I'm thankful for my phone so that I can receive phone calls :D
~I am thankful for the gift of my Savior. Born in a manger, he came to die so that I could have hope, and live. He amazes me!
~I'm thankful for my computer so that I can write and get encouragement from all of you here in blog land.
~I am thankful for this challenge. It's been great concentrating on thankfulness today, and I am looking forward to doing so again tomorrow.

Would you be interested in joining us?

-The challenge:
to be thankful for every gift that the Lord has given you, and to teach your children simple ways to be thankful.
-The goal:
to learn to be thankful for the smallest things and see God all around us as we move through each day.
-The hope:
what is learned and observed during this challenge will have a lasting effect on our thankfulness.

Would you consider joining us on this journey? Hop on over to Sonya's blog:


  1. Yes, I am joining in too! SO many blessings to be thankful for! I enjoyed reading your list!

  2. Jumped over from Sonya's blog. I am joining the challenge! Enjoyed your list.

    You should check out A Holy Experience Multitudes on Monday

  3. such wonderful things to be thankful for! love listing blessings and reading how God is blessing those around me. :) thanks for linking up to the blog party!