Monday, May 21, 2012

Mr. Monday: Support

The Wife Words series is continuing here for Mr. Mondays. This week's word is "Support"

He who finds a wife finds what is good 
    and receives favor from the Lord.
                                                                               ~Proverbs 18:22             

I had the wonderful opportunity to see a supportive marriage modeled this past weekend. I was at the Colorado Christian Writer's Workshop and one of the speakers had his wife with him - he introduced her as "Ashley the Wonderful" - I loved it! She was there to support him. She came along side and assisted him, encouraged him, and backed him. It really was beautiful. Moreover, when she unexpectedly got very sick, he cancelled an entire day of speaking events to stay by her side to support her. Does that describe your marriage? 

Let's just focus on our side of things, do you support your husband? Do you care about his work and do everything you can to support him even when you can't be with him? An example of what that might look like is having a lunch for him to take with him or ensuring that he has clean work clothes each day. 

Do you support your husband by upholding him and his reputation to others?
Do you support him by backing his decisions?
Do you support him by speaking words that honor him?
Do you support him by encouraging him when he is feeling low - or even when he's not?
Do you support your husband by aiding him when he needs your help?

Our husbands need our support. They have so much pressure on them from work, family, and places that we probably can't even imagine. They need us to be their backers - to encourage them and uphold them no matter what happens. 

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