Monday, May 7, 2012

Mr. Monday ~ Notice

...Why have I found such favor in your eyes that you notice me...
~ Ruth 2:10

Notice: be aware of

The definition of the word notice is quite extensive. Much like the word "respect" that we looked at last week, it is multifaceted. It can mean the act of observing, or being aware of something or someone. To make comment about or mention something. To give attention to something or someone. Or, to grant something or someone respectful consideration or attention - Yes, that's the word respect that we looked at last week. It applies here too. 

Noticing our Mr.'s is a huge part of respecting them. We can notice their opinions, their likes and dislikes. We can notice their reactions, or even just their presence. But what I want to focus on today isn't what we notice about them, but HOW we notice them. Anyone who follows my blog knows how much I like walking down memory lane when it comes to Mr. Amazing, and the reason for that is because it changes the way I notice him. 

The verse that I used today was from the first time that Boaz noticed Ruth. Do you remember the first time that you noticed your husband? If I asked you what the first thing you noticed about him was, would you be able to tell me? I could describe everything about the first time I noticed Mr. Amazing. From what we were both wearing, to what we were doing, how I was feeling, and even the thought processes that were going on in my head, and the conversations surrounding it. Not everyone can do that, but most everyone can think back to the moment when the first noticed their significant other, even if it was years after they met, there's usually that one moment. Do you remember it?

Good, so now I want to ask you when the last time that you noticed your husband was? Not the last thing you remember about him, but the last time you remember noticing him.  Whether it was catching a whiff of his cologne or seeing him smile from across the room. When was the last time that you actually noticed him? Not so easy? You want to know a great way to make your Mr.'s day? Comment on the fact that you notice him. Let him know that you enjoy the smell of his cologne, let him know that you love his smile, let him know that the shirt he's wearing looks good on him. Let him know that you noticed that he cleaned out the litter box or did the laundry. Make a point of letting him know what you notice about him. 

My original point was that we use to notice our husbands differently then we do now. Now we notice that they left their socks on the floor... again. We use to notice the way their arms fit perfectly around us, or wonderful it felt to snuggle up against them. Do you still notice those things? Do you notice the way that your husbands eyes sparkle when he's happy, or the way that he makes you smile? 

Obviously noticing our husbands is deeper than just noticing the physical, but the more we notice about our husbands, the more of an impact they will have on our thoughts and decisions. Once we start noticing them the way we use to again, then we will have a foundation for noticing them in our decisions, actions, and goals. 

I know that I mentioned it last week, but the 30-Day Husband Encouragement Challenge by Revive Our Hearts, played a huge roll in teaching me how to notice my husband again, and I highly recommend it. But for now, I leave you with the goal of noticing your husband this week. Take note of his daily routine. Take note of what makes him smile. Take note of the way his hand feels around yours. Take note of the things that you enjoy about him - and comment on a few of them to let him know that you notice him. 


  1. I'm getting married very, very soon :) this blog is great! Thanks for sharing. God Bless