Friday, May 18, 2012

News vs Gossip

I recently started reading the local paper. I was originally studying advertising to help improve my marketing skills, but the habit seemed to stick. I actually just finished reading this weeks paper, there wasn't really anything interesting in it, but I still flipped through it, kind of like Facebook... The whole think reminded me of something I thought of earlier today. We live in a news saturated culture. We hear it on the radio, or told by our friends of all these things that are going on in the world around us. But my question is, how much of that qualifies as gossip?

What is the defining line between news and gossip? Is there one?

Gossip is defined as idle talk about the private or personal affairs of others.

So that Victoria's Secret model who gave up her modeling career because of her Christian convictions - qualifies as gossip.

Who's suing who over lost property due to the controlled burn that quickly became un-controlled - yep, that's gossip too.

We live in a gossip saturated world. So much so, that we don't even recognize it most of the time anymore - or at least I don't. Do you?

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  1. Very true...I've gotten to the point (and I do forget or struggle from time to time) where I try to remember to ask this about a situation or person? Is this fact or opinion. Usually if it's an opinion about a person, most times it's gossip. That helps weed some of it out.