Monday, March 28, 2011

Mr. Monday

Happy Mr. Monday everyone!!! I hope you all gave you're Mr. a big hug this morning!

Mr. Amazing has the day off today (I love being able to say that again!). God has truly provided for our family in amazing ways. Mr. Amazing loves his new job, and I love the simplicity of it. He had to be hired in at a lower level than his previous jobs because he switched from the food industry to retail. This means that when he is home, he really is home. He isn't answering his phone to help his employees, he isn't talking with his boss, checking e-mails, or making schedules. He is simply home. Deep sigh. I know that he was hired on with the intent to promote, and that this bliss might not last, but I am certainly planning on enjoying it for as long as possible.

This new found joy makes me wonder how many parts of our husbands job's we take for granted:

Have you ever stopped to appreciate the fact that your husband's work stops at the office?

With my husband's new job also came less hours. Have you ever stopped to appreciate that your husband isn't working 55 hours a week (both of his past jobs were that or more).

The company that just hired Mr. Amazing originally offered him the night shift. Have you ever taken the time to praise God that you get to share a bed with your husband each night?

And of course after him being unemployed for a month and a half I must ask if you remember to thank the Lord for your husbands job at all? I have always been bittersweet with that praise. I knew that we needed the income, but hated the means. Now I see how each past experience, no matter how bad it was, was a gift from God. He learned how to deal with unfair upper management, he learned so many valuable skills and even got to see how others in his shoes acted and what qualities he liked and which ones he knew he could never let be part of him. I am so thankful for everything that God has brought us through, and I eagerly await seeing where He takes us from here.

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  1. My husband and I often thank God for his job... and that's about as far as it goes. lol As much as we dislike that he has to work so much and never knows when he will get off, we realize is the way God has chosen to bless us financially at this time. I do hope for a more "family friendly" job to come along some day, but for now we must be thankful and trust God's plan right now. It's really hard sometimes. However, it does cause each of us to rely on HIM more, which is alway a good thing! :)