Monday, January 30, 2012

Mr. Monday: Upcoming Vaca!

At this they wept again. Then Orpah kissed her mother-in-law good-by, but Ruth clung to her.
~Ruth 1:14

I'm so excited!!! We pinned down a vacation to Texas to see Mr. Amazing's amazing parents for spring break!! The last time were were there was a year and a half ago when his parents church was dedicating a stained glass window for his dad (who was the pastor there for years - now retired). The girls weren't even two years old! Now his parents come up to visit us each summer, but I love going to visit them. It's nice to get away from our home, somewhere where there is no demands on our time. Somewhere where we are loved, but not needed.

Plus, the drive down there takes 12 hours (if we drive straight through), and it's so much fun to spend time with the family. We always stop in Kansas to visit Dorthy's house. I love being with my family, sitting next to Mr. Amazing with nothing but time on our hands. Mr. Amazing acts like a kid the entire time we are there (okay, so maybe he always acts like a kid, but it's intensified when his parents are around). He just seems to let go of the cares of life, and relax. I love that.

When we go to Iowa to visit my family each summer, it isn't the same. I can't explain why. It just isn't. Maybe it's because that's where I grew up. We try to see everyone in my family, and do things with my mom, it's just not as relaxing. Texas is just so serene to me. It's like the one place that I get to go with no cares. It's my own special getaway with some of the people that I love most in the world.

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  1. Have such a wonderful time on your vacation! It will be here before you know it!