Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Computer Virus

Late last night I booted up my computer only to find it telling me that it had been infected by like 4 different viruses (or a combination of viruses and mal somethings...). My computer even popped up a little box telling me that a virus was trying to invade my computer and asked me if I wanted to stop it... (what kind of a question is that?!) I was thinking that my anti-virus software had expired without me knowing. I knew that we get free anti-virus protection through Comcast (our internet provider), I just hadn't downloaded it yet because my laptop came with a free trial anti-virus program. So I tried to go online to download the anti-virus protection through Comcast, but the only website that I could open was one for another anti-virus company (not the one that I had, or the one that I wanted...) I honestly believe this was part of the virus. It leads people to believe that their anti-virus software has expired and they need to update with this one and this is the only website they can go to, therefore they give it their credit card number and are conned out of their money. When in fact, my anti-virus software hadn't expired, after about an hour of praying and messing around on my computer I had gotten rid of the virus and then reset my computer to a previous state so it was working properly again. Praise God!

Then I decided that my current anti-virus software wasn't good enough, so I went ahead and switched to Norton, which is what Comcast provides us with. Hopefully that will work better. After all of that, I had no clue why I booted my computer up in the first place. I knew there was a reason, but I was so tired, brain fried, and relieved at that point that I just turned it back off and went to bed!

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