Sunday, September 5, 2010

Blessed beyond measure

I am blessed beyond measure, and so often I fail to realize that. My husband has been working tons of hours lately, and he happened to have most of yesterday off (not the whole day, but most of it). Then he got to take this morning off too. Yesterday we went for a drive in the mountains, and went hiking at Gross Reservoir. It was just delightful! While we have been there many times before, we had never hiked on this trail before and I really enjoyed it. We came over the hill to a beautiful overlook of the lake, then hiked down to it. The hike up was a bit of work, but oh so worth it.

Then today, Paul didn't have to go to work until after church. We attended church as a family for the first time since the beginning of the summer, and it was wonderful! The sermon was on Ephesians 3:14-19, my favorite passage in the Bible. The girls went to the 2's and 3's class for their first time, and the boys stayed in the sanctuary instead of going to children's church. All of the kids did great! The girls played with play dough and had a Bible lesson. The boys were really just kind of a mistake. I have been considering keeping Ty in the sanctuary, but hadn't made a decision. Some how we missed their dismissal, so they stayed with us. They were really bored. I know Kainen isn't ready for it yet, and with us homeschooling, I really feel they need this time with other children. So it was simply a one time thing that they stayed with us this week. At least for now. Paul and I haven't discussed it further, but I am sure he will want them to socialize, as that is one of his concerns about homeschooling...

Paul is back at work now, but I do realize how blessed I am to have a such a wonderful husband who is willing to work hard for our family. I'm blessed that I have such beautiful, healthy children to take to church and hiking! It was just such a wonderful weekend. I might not have gotten my cleaning, baking, or really anything on my to do list done, but I wouldn't have it any other way! God has blessed me beyond measure, and I am oh so thankful!

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