Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thankful Thursday!

Today I am thankful for so many things!

I am thankful for good friends whose words spark ideas that they never intended! You see almost 2 years ago now, I slipped on some ice and fell down the stairs in front of my old house while carrying one of my daughters. Thankfully she wasn't hurt. I cracked my elbow, not bad, the urgent care doctor actually missed it, and they had to call me later to tell me that it really was cracked and I wasn't just being a baby. However, within a day or two it was painfully obvious that I also had whiplash. My neck hurt worse than I ever thought possible. I remember lying down on the couch and not being able to get back up because of the pain in my neck. It was horrid! I never went back to the doctor though. Somewhere in my life I heard someone say that there is nothing doctors can do for whiplash... I don't know if I imagined it, or what, but I truly believed this, so I never went back to the doctor. The ladies at my Bible study prayed over me, and after a few weeks the pain in my neck was gone, and I went back to living a normal life.

Since then I have been suffering from migraines off and on, and they had been growing increasingly worse last spring until they were completely incapacitating. My mother-in-law kept telling me that I started getting them after I fell down the stairs and they must be related. So when I finally went to the doctor I told them what she said, and they found that my migraines are being caused by my whiplash that is still there, and rather severe. So they put me on medication and suggested I see a chiropractor. I am very thankful for my mother-in-laws words, because otherwise we might have never found the cause of my migraines.

I am also thankful for my mother-in-law because we would never be able to afford chiropractic care that isn't covered by our insurance. She sent us a check to cover the payments so that I could go and get the treatment I need. She is such a blessing!

I have not yet been to see the chiropractor. The end of the summer was so busy, it just wasn't possible. So I still have whiplash, and lately my neck has started hurting really badly. I couldn't figure out why! For a year and a half it hasn't hurt, and now it is hurting again? That didn't make since! So I mentioned it to a friend, and she thought it might be related to homeschooling. We just started homeschooling 3 weeks ago for the first time, and she thought that it might be straining my muscles more than they were use to. I don't think that's it, but I really think she was on the right path. So I am very thankful for her words because they made me think!

What has changed? I use to keep my hair short...really short. But the last time I had it cut was Christmas. I had decided to grow it out. I have very thick, heavy hair, and I think it is putting more strain on my neck than it is use to. The pain in my neck is growing progressively worse, because my hair keeps getting longer and heavier, causing my neck to work harder... I would have never thought about this without my friends words, even though they were unrelated, I am ever so thankful!

So today I am going to get my hair chopped off! I am thankful for my neighbor who has volunteered to come and watch the children for me while I go to the salon.

I am so thankful today!

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