Thursday, September 9, 2010

This Christmas

Today I visited a blog that was all about Christmas. A few years ago, I would have LOVED it. However, God has been changing me, and while this was a beautiful blog centered on Christ, it held many of the traditions that my family will not be partaking in this Christmas. You see, last Christmas season I struggled with several aspects of Christmas and wondering why we do the things we do. Do they really honor God? Or are they just man made traditions, encouraging us to focus on ourselves? So while it is still really early to be posting about Christmas, I thought that I would share a little with you about how we will celebrate Christmas this year.

This Christmas we will not have a Christmas tree. I struggle with surrounding the tree and kneeling down before it on Christmas morning. It seems to take away from the true meaning of Christmas to me. I am not against a gift exchange, so this year our gifts will be spread around a manger scene. The focus of our morning will be the baby lying in the hay, because the reason we give presents is because it is the celebration of His birth. In our family we celebrate birthdays by giving presents and having cake, so we will also have our traditional birthday cake. This Christmas instead of kneeling before a man made tree admiring our gifts and fighting over who gets to pass them out, we will kneel before our Savior. We will say a prayer and thank Him for coming to this earth to die for our sins, and thank God for the greatest gift of all.

Do you have any Christmas traditions that help you keep your focus on Christ? I would love to hear about them!

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