Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Just stuff

As I write this, I am being dive bombed by a moth with a serious napoleon complex... please forgive any typos that I might make while writing in this war zone!

I had a horrid migraine last week, it has finally subsided enough that I can function normally. I still have a slight headache, but nothing I can't tolerate. Because of my migraine I got horribly behind on work, house cleaning, and the short summer school lessons that I had set up for the kids. I got the work assignment that HAD to be done today done! Woo hoo! But I still have more work to do before I am caught up. The kids school will probably not get caught up at this point. My mom is coming into town for a visit tomorrow, and she will be here until Mr. Amazing's parents come, and I just don't know what's going to get done with all of our company here. (However, I will take my beloved family over task any day! We don't get to see each other nearly enough!)

Have you ever let other Christian's get you down? I struggle with this. I expect other Christians to be perfect and give me something to look up to. Even when they confess their faults it's just perfection in the form of humility. So when they don't confess their faults, but instead assume they are perfect, it really gets to me. I'm not trying to judge them or anything, but I have been verbally attacked by 4 Christians today! 4! All four on completely different things, 2 had NOTHING to do with me personally, the dear Christians were just ranting about something that was bugging them and blaming me for it? Does that even make since? It just hurts so much to be hurt by the ones that are suppose to be encouraging me. What hurts the most is when the words come from a professing Christian, that obviously is deceived.

But God is using this to teach me a lesson. He is showing me that while Christians are suppose to encourage one another, they do fall short. I know I have had my days. He is also showing me that while we are meant to encourage one another, our joy, happiness, peace of mind, and motivation needs to come from God and God alone. If I am doing something for Him, then I can't let someone else's words get me down. I have to stand up for the TRUTH even if it doesn't bring encouragement. No one is perfect. Not me, not other people, no one. I can't expect them to be. I can't let the imperfections of others affect my relationship with Christ, or my mood. I need to rely more fully on Christ, for EVERYTHING, including my attitude.

So that's my stuff!

A great blog post recommendation for today was posted at Life with Littles. I really think it is a must read for all moms!

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  1. AAHHhhhhh! Are you peaking in my windows? I just learned this exact lesson today! I was gonna blog about it but then decided not too. I think I'll get around to it...tomorrow. procrastination! Lol.