Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The True Woman Study

This summer I have the privilege of doing an online book study through Susan Hunts book "The True Woman", with three of my dear friends and sisters in Christ. I am so looking forward to this study! I can hardly wait until we all have our books so we can get started! I ordered the leaders guide, so that hopefully we can get as much out of this study as possible.

Our plan is to read one chapter a week and then spend a couple days discussing it. We are going to be memorizing Romans 12:1-2,keep a journal, and ultimately become true women, transforming our lives by renewing our minds. :)

I spent all day today making bookmarks and memory cards for everyone :) I'm hoping to mail them off in the morning. I also spent some time getting my journal ready (I can't do anything simple, I had to decorate it and make it all pretty).

One of my favorite things that I have found in the leader's guide so far is the anagram P.R.A.Y. To get the most out of any study we should always be prepared, use repetition, adapt what we learn so it can be applied in our own lives, and yearn for a deeper relationship with Christ.

The idea for this study stemmed from the Women Discipling Women group that I am part of through my church. Going through this book with a group of women over the summer was a suggested challenge. When I heard that challenge I immediately thought of my online sisters. A couple of us have done studies together before, and I always get so much out of them. While I enjoy meeting with women face to face, I actually value my online sisters because of the environment it provides. When I meet with women in my congregation there is much more chance for gossip. Someone mentions what someone wore to church, or what so and so's child did, and the study gets side tracked. With my online sisters this simply doesn't happen... mainly because none of us go to the same church, live in the same town (or state for that matter), and we've never actually met this side of heaven. There is simply nothing to gossip about. We can however, study God's Word together because we all share the love of Christ with one another.

I do long to meet my online sisters in person (and am secretly wishing that we are all neighbors someday), but for now I am just thankful that I know them via the internet and that we can study and grow together.

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  1. That is such a good point! Women do tend to get a bit sidetracked when meeting face to face. I hope you and your friends are blessed as you go through this study. It sounds like a great book! :)