Monday, May 30, 2011

Mr. Monday: My favorite things

It's Mr. Monday again! I love Mr. Monday! It's so fun just to be able to brag on my man! Mr. Amazing works so hard to provide for our family, then he comes home and works around the house, and finds time to play with the kids or sit down and read a book with them. Earlier this week I had the privilege of sitting at the table in the morning drinking my cup of coffee, reading my Bible and listening to my husband and children giggle. I can't think of any better way to start the day!

So for Mr. Monday this week, I wanted to share a list of my favorite things that Mr. Amazing does that makes me smile.

1. When he smiles.
2. When he plays with the kids.
3. When he comes home from work... just seeing him makes me smile!
4. When he goes out of his way to do something for me (which is like every day, ten times a day! He's amazing like that).
5. It makes me smile when he gives me a hug. I just love being in his arms.
6. I smile when I see he has 'liked' the Bible (or something along those lines) on facebook.
7. He makes me smile when he tells me he loves me.
8. I love it when he tells others how much he loves me.
9. I smile when he takes the time to teach the kids something new, or work with them on something that they are struggling with.
10.And I can't help but smile when he randomly texts me in the middle of the day that he loves me or misses me.

My question to you this week is what is your favorite thing to hear or see your husband doing? Does it just make your day when he washes the dishes, or plays with the kids?

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