Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Book Sneeze?

I review for BookSneeze

What happened to Book Sneeze? They have ZERO available books and have had ZERO available books for almost a month! :( Not that I have tons of free time right now, but I would love to be able to request a book...

I am currently reading a wonderful book called Women Counseling Women, and then I'm probably going to read a Christmasy book, but eventually it would be nice to read a book from Book Sneeze!

Oh well, I hope that my fellow book sneezer's all have books to tide them over as well, and that they make something available soon.

Happy Reading! (hopefully)


  1. I know! I've been waiting on them to get some available books so that I could make a request:(

  2. i just received my first book from book sneeze on monday and am so excited to read and review it so i can request for a new one..hopefully new books will be available by that time...

  3. I was wondering the very same thing! :-) I am also now following your blog...if you'd like to follow me too?

  4. Sorry about the shortage of books on BookSneeze. It is a slow release season, (most of our fall releases pub in August, September, October) and so it us difficult to keep books on the site. We added several late last week and we are already down to one. We'll get some more up later this week. Thanks for participating!
    Lindsey Nobles (BookSneeze.com)