Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thankful Thursday / Day 11 of the Giving Challenge

30-Day Giving Challenge
It's day #11 of the giving challenge, Thankful Thursday, and it is also Veterans day. I was going to post this video on Tuesday which was the anniversary of the Marine corps being established in 1775, but I decided to save it until today. I am so thankful for the freedoms we have in our country that are protected by our veterans. I am not a fighter, so it is truly a blessing that God made us all so different!

Today for my giving I gave my husband a heads up that it was Veterans day and that the bank would be closed. He always forgets... and that really messes up his day. I also gave him our van. He drives a 4Runner, but he had the top off when it started snowing on Monday. He slid the top on when he got home, but hasn't had the opportunity to fasten it down yet, so he asked to borrow the van the last two days. :) Hope you have a wonderful day of giving, and a very thankful Thursday!

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  1. I want snow....I saw a cute gorgeous blue convertible the other day that I'm sure I would look grand in.

  2. Snow! How fun!

    God bless America. Thanks for sharing your thankfulness today.